What to Do When Your Cat is Pregnant

You discovered your cat is pregnant and you will have little cats soon.. What do you do? Taking care of a pregnant cat for nine weeks should not be a tedious task. Seeing your cat grow bigger with a hanging belly should stir up anticipation in you. Taking care of her and meeting her needs are going to be priorities from now on so be prepared and be excited to administer pregnant cat care.

1. The first step in pregnant cat care is to arrange for a check-up with your veterinarian as soon as you suspect or learn about the pregnancy of your cat. During the check-up, you will learn about the cat’s health and how far along your pet is. Usually, the vet is not needed when your cat gives birth if it does not have any sensitive conditions or illnesses.

2. During the first couple of weeks of your cat’s pregnancy, you should start mixing high quality kitten food with your cat’s regular food. Kitten food is more nutritious and your cat will need all the nutrition it needs. Allow your cat to eat as much as it wants because most of its food intake will be allotted for the kitten growing inside. Make sure that at least once a day your cat gets a high-protein meal. Always makes sure there is enough fresh water together with the food.

3. Another tip for pregnant cat care is to add a bit more blankets or pillows in your cat’s bed to make it more comfortable. When the pregnancy reaches 7 weeks, prepare a nest where she can give birth. You will notice your cat going to a particular place all the time so this must be her chooses spot for giving birth.

You can start placing cozy boxes around the house and allow her to choose from the few you have set up or you can wait for her to choose that spot before you place the necessary beddings. Just hope that your cat does not choose a spot under the bed or in inaccessible places. Cover the nest with some newspaper or with an old blanket that you can throw out afterward.

4. Make another appointment with the vet just to check if it is all set for the birth. Give your cat extra love, cat treats, and all the best pregnant cat care during the last couple of weeks of pregnancy.

5. When your cat is almost nine weeks in its pregnancy, it will start showing signs such as more frequent urination and more time spent on grooming. This signals that in a few days, your cat could give birth.

6. When your cat starts to meow unusually and stays in her nest, it is most probably ready to deliver. You do not need to do anything during this time; your cat will know how to handle it on her own. What you can do is place the food and water bowls closer to the nest for easy access. The process may take a few minutes and could even extend to an hour.


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