Amazing, Funny, And Cute Cat Names

Have you recently brought home a new kitten? Congratulations! Then, to start the excitement, it’s time to choose the best name for your little furry kitty.

Naming a cat Muffin or Max is really old fashioned! Keep in mind that your cat is a lively, breathing person. Why not choose a name that can capture your kitten’s disposition or appearance?

Here are some recommendations for choosing cat names.

Pick a name that you can shout from the porch. While it is easy to scream and say, it will be much easier for your cat to recognize and get used to the name. Research shows that cats respond best to names that have 1 to 2 syllables.

Pick a name that can grow with your cat. For example, if you name your cat “Fluffy” this may not be an adequate description once the cat is an adult.

Start looking at your cat’s unique personality. Each cat is unique, and your cat’s specific habits will help you find the best name. Good examples are “Cuddles” and “Bouncy”. Try to capture your cat’s unique personality with a name.

Here are the funniest, most unique, and cutest cat names we’ve discovered.

Names for cute cats

Cat lovers know that there is absolutely nothing cuter than a cat, especially a kitten! Although they don’t realize it, our cats pinch the strings of our hearts and touch us with their adorable purr and joy. Have fun with this list of our favorite cute cat names.

Bite, as long as they don’t bite you

Buttercup, why are you edifying me?

Squirrel, almost as cute as a kitten

Tinkerbell – no handyman, tinkering

Cuddles – not for the cat hiding under the sofa

Snuggles – Cuddling friend

Munchkin – enough said

Pumpkin – for the orange cat

Cutie Patootey – in case you are one of those who take your cat everywhere

Twinkle Toes – for the most elegant

Hopper – depending on how your cat moves

Cupcake – so cute you could eat them

Lollipop – so cute you could … lick them? It would be a hairball for you.

Bowling – Because cats are so sweet!

Prince / Princess: how to treat them precisely

Button: as cute as a button

Insect ear: as cute as an insect ear

Jujube – looks cute

Love Bug: you can hit your friends when your cat is passing

Panda bear: what’s cuter than a panda? Just a cat.

Oliver, have you seen “Oliver and Company”?

Tom – Jerry stole the show

Daisy – for a cat

Simba – for a male cat

Cutesy Poo, if you want to go on top!

Funny cat names

The online world was apparently created to share funny pictures of cats. Even though cats are one of the most graceful and balanced pets and animals, they actually have their wacky, wacky moments. They offer us love and also laughter. Here we have compiled a list of funny cat names that are sure to put a smile on your face!

Oprah Whisker: for a cat that deserves her own talk show

President Meow: make your cutest cat of all dictators

Catrick Swayze: In Case Your Cat Likes Dirty Dancing

Donald Tramp – for cat tycoon turned aspiring president

Chew-bacca – a particularly hairy cat

Fuzzinator: for a cat that can make Chewbacca look hairless

Galacticat: Does your cat love to fly?

Kitty Kitty Bang Bang – Do you remember the magic car?

Shakespurr – to purr or not to purr?

Cindy Clawford: for the timeless beauty look

Vegetarian: irony, anyone?

Katy Purry – Californian kittens

Anderson Pooper: a nose for the trendiest and hottest!

Brad Kitt: on the sexy side

Genghis Cat – for the earth cat

Leonardo DaFuzzy – DaVinci or DiCaprio?

Cat Benatar: Hit me with your best shot, kitty

Demi Meower – a real cougar

Catpernicus – for the scout cat

Hairy Potter – so hairy, it’s magic

The Great Catsby – for the quixotic cat

Meow Cyrus – uh … Meow?

Terabyte: a terrible bite? Or just huge?

Clawsome – watch out!

Just Kitten – for the joker

Unique names for cats

Like us, each cat is unique. Some cats are playful, others are lazy. Many cats love cuddles, and others love solitude. This is why many people like to come up with their own unique names for their cats. Below are the most unique cat names we’ve come across.

Ping Pong: for the cat who jumps from the walls

Wicca – for cats on brooms

Godzilla – Japanese horror

Qwerty – sleep on the keyboard

Ninja Samurai – for the infiltrator

Gremlin McGuru: I don’t know